ARK Solutions recognizes that companies who have implemented SAP have questions, issues, concerns from time to time. We recognize the challenges and the day-to-day questions that are faced by these companies. In order to cost effectively solve these issues ARK Solutions has constructed a support services desk that allows your organization to take advantage of our experienced consultants who have years of SAP HR experience and who are more than willing and flexible to help you resolve your challenges. We understand that your concerns could be urgent or broad, you might have a variety of issues or a specific concern, you might need some direction or confirmation on something that you are already familiar with. Whatever your challenge we have the right infrastructure, process and consultants to help you resolve your issue. In order to be beneficial we understand that it is essential that your questions have a timely response, and more importantly, is resolved right the first time.

To meet your challenges, ARK Solutions has developed a process whereby once you submit your request our team will get in touch with you within 24 hours of receipt of your request recommending you the right solution. If there is a need for a consultant to come on-board to help you resolve your challenge, or if there is a mutual agreement for us to hand hold or walk you thru the resolution, our team, will find your company a local consultant who can come over immediately to help you with your challenge. ARK Solutions believes in resolving issues immediately either using web-ex or by discussing your issue over the phone or e-mail.

ARK Solutions does not always charge for these services. These services are offered as part of our commitment to the SAP HR community for building a better industry and solution. For those customers where the support might be extensive we offer a variety of pricing packages, including but not limited to, volume pricing, buying bulk hours which can be used anytime and for any issues, discount pricing, extended credit terms, flexible payment options, Day 5 services just to name a few. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


SAP Support